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Enemy within Zimbabwe

7 years ago | 17716 Views

Zimbabwe is a country measuring approximately 390,757 sq. km with an estimated population of nearly 13.5 million people. The country is made up of 16 different tribes and authorised spoken languages as enshrined in the constitution. The truth is even that the constitution has turned out to be a mockery to the long waiting and oppressed population. It was all created by the people in charge of the country, ruling party Zanupf and its draconian rules of poor governing. The people of Zimbabwe have never suffered up until 1980 when a strategic ideology of degrading human dignity was introduced by these satanic and human killers of our current generation. Many people believe that land distribution was simply an exchange from Rhodesia’s National Party to Zimbabwe’s Zanupf. The evidence was derived from a statistical survey carried out country wide with appalling results that if you do not support Zanupf you automatically loose rights of land distribution programme. As a result of our findings, the programme tells us that it was intended and designed with a one party state ideology in mind. A one party state is designed to stop people from forming other political parties, including victimisation of political opponents, intimidating and falsely imprisoning them and charging them with treason. The other tools of a one party state are to undermine freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of information, and human rights they are too many and it is just ridiculous. According to a reliable source that we cannot reveal for security reasons every person in Zanupf managed to take farms by force. This land programme has since put the migration of people from rural areas to urban to a standstill. The latest percentage figures were 37% before the farm invasion at a rate of 2.2% per year which has not moved an inch since then. Robert Mugabe alone has more farms than one can expect from a democratic and sovereign Zimbabwean President and these farms form up the Gushungo dairies. Philip Chiyangwa who claims to be The President brother took much of Harare urban and he is selling the land to fellow Zimbabweans at very high and exorbitant prices then claims to be rich. The former reserve bank governor Gideon Gono misappropriated our tax payer funds and spoiled himself with an estimated half a million US$ bullet proof beast. The list is countless fellow Zimbabweans it goes on and on.


We do not expect to live in a society governed by the majority or neither by minority that simply creates a division. We want a modern society that is not governed by leaders but by representatives chosen by our people because of their merit. The Zanupf gang are thieves who are there to loot our resources and take them to their hives. The Zanupf government has given part of our land to its foreign friends of their choice. Our people are buying the land that they spent decades fighting for. Our people have become prisoners and of little importance in their own country. The Zanupf led regime has proved to be a gang of desperate looters than representatives. The people of Zimbabwe want representatives who will restore law and order. The state departments have been manipulated and turned into political party tools. The Police, Judiciary, Army, Traditional chiefs, Hospitals, Social services all have turned to Zanupf. It is said that a huge number of these Zanupf gangs terrorising our people take orders direct from their leader Robert Mugabe. I think it now high time fellow Zimbabweans we serve this regime with a divorce certificate. Shall we take up arms again??



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Anonymous user 7 years
Guys lets not take this sh*t no more, Zanupf must goooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous user 7 years
well written and well said from Nhamodzenyika Freedom
Anonymous user 7 years
What is written is good and is true, but Mugabe has one big thing in his favor - he will not let the west back in to take our all and give us nothing for it again.
Anonymous user 7 years
I know that Mugabe was once an innocent grade one pupil in rural Rhodesia and is today number one leader in Zimbabwe.It took 58years to come to this.Let the truth be told where are the real greats that marched and worked along him before things got this far.Histories in the making.
Anonymous user 7 years
This is one of the most ridiculous blogs I have ever encountered. It is filled with assumption, opinion and very light on fact. This diatribe on the ruling party is pathetic. I am all for strong opposition and opinions but please back your statements up with facts and form an intelligent argument to ensure that people can take you seriously otherwise you might as well be arguing that the sky is green to those of us with a modicum of intelligence
Anonymous user 7 years
May'hlome to arms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous user 7 years
Yes Yes Yes Mgabi you are an evil man evil evil evil.Ibva pachigaro uno zorora evil evil evil
Anonymous user 7 years
I cant wait for that day,where these animals will miss the tree branch and drop and burst.mugabe thinks he is God.He doesn't know who he is.I think Zimbabwe and the entire world will become a better place without these monsters.Nothing everlast one day is day,we will shed the tears of joy and they will shed the tears of sorrow.
Anonymous user 6 years
Enemy within zimbabwe is trying by all means to live by its Tags of being Enemies of Zimbabwe.This is seen by its emotional halve truth and halve lies.Taking up arms will mean blank minded on your side because will never give you your desired results.
Anonymous user 6 years
Please everybody stop this nonsense of bashing Mugabe. There is no perfect world, and I find Ndebele people are the most bitter. Ndebele people just think where you came from and have you ever wondered why when Israel is under attack every Jew in the diaspora comes to help. Granted Zim is a mess, but don't take this quagmire as sign as a sign of weakness. We are watching! We are live and well .
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