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Zimbabweans a forgotten generation

7 years ago | 9631 Views

I can still remember on 18th April 1980 when the United Kingdom then under iron lady Margaret Thatcher handed over power to Prime Minister Robert Mugabe. It was a cheerful moment to everyone's life with people celebrating in every corner of the country. Although a few years later the nation encountered an attempted rebellion believed to have been orchestrated by disgruntled army disators who were later nicknamed dissidents. The dissidents’ error nearly crippled the newly born Zimbabwe. In retaliation the Mugabe government blamed the opposition for creating this armed group. During that period a group of British tourist were kidnaped along a Lupane highway by these so called dissidents. The tourist were never found and at that time Prime Minister Robert Mugabe was a white boy taking orders from west minister UK. The parents of British tourist were broadcast on ZBC TV  nationwide with their mothers crying for return of their beloved ones, but it was too late because the tourist were dead. The British government sent scientist to Zimbabwe to look and identify graves with the help of Zanupf government that were thought to be of tourist. The British scientist were said that they could identify a person by taking samples of scratched bones. It was then when Prime Minister Robert Mugabe decided to deploy his Korean trained 5th Brigade in Matebeleland where he accused the opposition of harboring the armed dissidents. The 5th Brigade had special orders to kidnap, kill and rape women of ndebele speaking people from that region. An estimated 30000 innocent civilians were butchered day and night without fear or respect of human dignity. Generations lost bread winners, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters. The region was neglected ever since and human suffering never spared sympathy. The land distribution programme was only a political manipulating tool designed to divert a free and fair peoples vote to benefit the few. The world is watching, where is the United Nations and super power United States of America, United Kingdom and European Union. France has gone back to Mali to spare help for troubled human kind. The perpetrators of Rwandan genocide were later hunted down and brought to justice. The Liberian warlord who is still accused of recruiting child soldiers was taken to the international criminal court of justice. What stops the international community from issuing a warrant of arrest against Robert Mugabe? I think Zimbabweans need to move forward with human dignity. The liberation ideology is still lingering and now haunting current and new generations who never witnessed a part of it. How is the legacy of liberation struggle going to be justified to victims of the Gukurahundi Massacre and oppressed generations? Shall we take up arms again?

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Anonymous user 7 years
Robert Mugabe and his Zanupf should be defeated before he dies.
Anonymous user 7 years
God is going to reply for us
Anonymous user 7 years
We need a strong opposition who can army us and fight for once,we sick and up here with this oppression inhumanity to humans,police are deployed to Mateland to make the Ndebele speaking miserable ,if we don't start fighting the international criminal court won't intervene,check what happened at Libia,rebelling is the only solution.
Anonymous user 7 years
Let them kill us once!cause right now,we are nothing but moving graves" bring arms"its batter to die trying rather than folding hands,we have actual became cowards,cry babies,viva mutiny!!!
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